LED for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation

LED for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation

After the age of 30, we lose approximately 1% of collagen per year. To rejuvenate the skin, and stimulate collagen and elastin production, one of the best modalities is LED – light emitting diode – a tiny computer chip encased in glass. Red/Amber anti-aging LED therapy is non-invasive, painless and requires no recovery time. It is safe for all skin types and tones, and a full treatment requires only 20 minutes.

Each LED wavelength (color) of light provides unique therapeutic benefits. Blue kills germs and bacteria, amber stimulates collagen and elastin, red stimulates circulation and calms down inflammation, and infrared heals and calms the skin, and improves product absorption. The best combination of lights for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation is red, infrared and amber together. This type of light synergistically minimizes the appearance of large pores, increases moisture retention, prevents environmental damage, renews the skin, and encourages new collagen production. Such lights are available for home use in a handheld, as well as panels for faster and more convenient treatment room services. One of the most important factors in using an LED device is the distance from the client’s skin to the light -the closer, the better. The light can sit directly on the skin, or hover above at about an inch distance for the best results.

Panel LED lights are the most convenient type of phototherapy equipment, since they don’t require direct hands-on supervision, and cover a larger treatment area than a handheld for a full 20 minutes. This type of treatment can be added as an a-la-carte to your service menu, and is also beautifully incorporated into the facial with clear serums, crèmes and masks. Clear products work best, because they allow the light to shine through, uninterrupted. Using the LED panel with peptide serums, crèmes, and masks increases the efficacy of the light, and promotes instant and cumulative skin tightening and reduction of wrinkles.

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