My Inspiration

My Inspiration

The most challenging part of my job, and I think this would apply to many entrepreneurs across the board, is staying relevant. As trends change, there is always a push or pull in a certain direction, and uncertainty whether or not your brand will continue to generate interest. I am always striving to improve our products, customer experience, and education. There is never a moment of stagnation with my brand – in my regularly scheduled classes, on social media, at trade shows, on online forums, etc.  and that is the driving force that generates interest in Saian daily.

Every day I am inspired by female entrepreneurs that continue to make their mark in the mainly male-dominated world of commerce.  It gives me more energy to keep creating when I see other women succeeding, and my mother was my first role model.

I remember reading in the Tao Te Ching, that “the true master makes masters”, and that was my mother’s strength. Anyone who has ever taken a class with Margarita will tell you – she had a way to make you feel special, but most importantly, she gave you all of her knowledge and made you a master. I was a sponge that absorbed all of my mom’s mannerisms, her way of talking, her way of caring, her way of making everybody feel like they are somebody.

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