Online Retailing for Spas – an Introduction

Online Retailing for Spas – an Introduction

How/where should spas get started with online retailing?
Online retailing is as easy as setting up a shopping cart option on the spa’s website. It can be done by a web designer, and the payments can be processed by regular credit cards, as well as by paypal. All that’s needed is a business bank account, and the right software.

As a brand owner, do you want to know if your clients are selling products online? What might be involved with that?
As a professional brand owner, one wants to keep the value of the products high, and avoid underselling by distributors. Underselling, essentially means selling below the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price). While it may not be an issue to sell cheaper in person at the salon, selling online at discounted prices is discouraged. In addition to pricing issues, online sellers have to make sure the directions and skin type information is listed in a detailed fashion on their site, especially for professional products. When consumers purchase online, they are often confused as to which product suits them best, and how to utilize it, unless consulted by the esthetician prior to purchasing.

What help can you provide from a brand perspective? Do you help with fulfillment? Providing images, descriptions? Is pricing set by you, the brand?
The inspiration for SAIAN Natural Clinical Skin Care comes from our customers. We are not just a skincare company, we are a lifestyle brand, dedicated to bringing our customers the best in skincare, anti-aging supplements, ergonomic equipment, supplies and education. We are the esthetician’s partner in creating her most successful beauty business – no minimum order, low cost-per-treatment, free samples, and support from our friendly staff. We don’t do fulfillment, or set the prices, and we discourage online sales that are less than double wholesale price. Of course, all the images and descriptions are provided by us!

What are some of the advantages of having spas sell products online?
The biggest advantage to having spas sell products online, is the additional retail income that the sales will bring in. Treatments will only bring in so much revenue, but product sales can make or break a spa’s success. In addition to bringing in revenue, product sales keep the customer’s skin looking good between facials, and maintain an ongoing relationship between the customer and the spa.

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